2020-21 MWU Winter Registration
December 1-March 2

With the cancellation of the winter High School wrestling season in MA, we will continue to run our small group cohort practices for our wrestlers through February. Current MWU wrestlers will be allowed to register in advance to secure their spot and then we will open up to others if space allows. We have had to make a slight adjustment to the monthly price at the Natick location to offset a significant winter season rent increase. If you can not afford the cost of membership, please let us know and we can assist



  • MWU-Springfield - 40 Total Spots available. TO SECURE YOUR SPOT - YOU MUST REGISTER ONLINE AND SUBMIT PAYMENT  - Register for MWU-Natick HERE

  • Cost for the Winter will be $125 per month for Natick wrestlers and $100 per month for Springfield wrestlers

  • Practices will run in cohorts of 10 wrestlers - students assigned to a group must stay with that same group for the remainder of sessions. We anticipate running two cohort groups simultaneously  and wrestlers can not move from one cohort group to another.

  • Given the limited spots, commitment to attend assigned practice days is imperative for athletes in each group.

  • Cohort groups from December will be stay the same. If wrestlers drop, they will be replaced by wrestler from the waiting list.

  • Walk-in’s are NOT allowed. The only way to participate is by completing the monthly registration.

  • Groups will be paired by completed registration, size, experience and skill level to get the groups of 10 as competitive and effective for each athlete involved. 

  • Cohort assignments and schedules will be made available  following the final confirmations. We will do our best to accommodate feedback but can’t guarantee every consideration is met given the scheduling complexity. 

  • Athletes that complete payment for January will be given priority for February. 

  • Further guidelines and details will be sent out prior to the first practice.

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